Is Your Emergency Plan Solar Supplied?

Keep solar power in mind when in the throngs of or recovering from disasters. No other source of alternate power is as efficient as the sun in assisting in these situations. Check out the list of possible solar powered items available for you to include in your home emergency kit. Be prepared with solar backed supplies.

When we were children we practiced fire drills at school to be prepared for orderly evacuation in the event of an emergency. We are told to have “ICE” (in case of emergency) contacts on our cellular phones so appropriate contacts can be made. We are advised to have an emergency exit plan in place and practice it should we have a fire or have to leave our homes abruptly. There are also recommended lists of emergency supplies we should have readily available in the event we have to evacuate our homes. Have you taken all these steps to make sure you are prepared?

Floods, hurricanes, wildfires, blizzards, effects of tornadoes, severe storms, or just general power outages can all impact our comfort zones and cause us to evacuate our homes or be without power for hours or days. Your ability to access your otherwise convenient electricity is one of the major items missed. The good news is that the same nature that throws these disasters at you can also help you. Keep solar power in mind when in the throngs of or recovering from these disasters. No other source of alternate power is as efficient as the sun in assisting in these situations. A solar supplied back up plan can ease you through the discomfort of these varying levels of disaster by providing power for communication, medical needs, warmth, light, sanitary water, and entertainment. Some solar powered items could be staged in your emergency kit while others can be readily available around your home.

A solar back up emergency plan could contain:

  • Solar Backpack: This will provide a location for your supplies and serve as a power source for your cell phone, computer, or gaming system thus providing necessary communication and an entertainment connection to relieve the stress of the situation or keep children engaged in a quiet activity.

  • Solar USB Hub: This will also provide a source of emergency communication power. They can also be thrown into a vehicle for on the go emergencies.

  • Solar Flashlight: No need to pack extra batteries if the right solar light is available.

  • Solar Radio: Another means of communication is always useful. Radios can also provide some comfort or diversion from the circumstances at hand.

  • Solar Blanket: This can be providing that added warmth in the event of extreme cold or shock.

  • Solar Oven: This is not necessarily a more portable item but if you are out of power for an extended time it could be helpful for boiling your water or cooking your thawing freezer items.

  • Solar Lights: Another not necessarily portable item, but do not overlook the usefulness of bringing your charged solar lights into your home at night it you are experiencing an outage situation.

  • Portable Solar Panels: There are fold up, transportable solar panels available. These can provide a significant source of power for perhaps emergency medical needs.

  • Solar Water Purifiers: These convenient bottles will purify your water when left in the sun.

Be prepared for emergencies at home and on the go. Review your home emergency kits and your vehicles today and see how solar supplies might be helpful to you.

Guest Author: S. J. Watson

Educating and motivating people to be responsible financially and environmentally are some of the goals of S. J. Watson. She believes in promoting things that will help people’s quality of life. This interest is demonstrated in her involvement in [http://www.solarmidnightoil.com], which promotes not only solar energy, but also solar lighting, and alternative energy.

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