Guest Bloggers Wanted

At we strive to provide our Community with the best articles, advice, and information sourced from a pool of renowned preparedness subject matter experts and guest bloggers. We are always looking for quality guest bloggers to contribute to the BOB Prepper Community – either with a single submission or a series of articles.

Why Contribute?

Guest blogs are shared and promoted on social media, the best articles receive thousands of page views

Guest Authors are provided with a profile page on which can link to the author’s website and social media profiles.

Individual articles may also contain external web links, provided the links are preparedness related and relate to the article. An “About the Author” paragraph will be included at the bottom of your article.

Content Guidelines

Your articles would be of interest to us and the BOB Prepper Community if you write about:

  • Survival Skills
    • Fire
    • First Aid
    • Food
    • Mental Preparedness
    • Navigation
    • Shelter
    • Water
  • Preparedness
    • Bug Out Bags
    • Communication
    • Disasters
    • Firearms
    • Protective Gear
  • Self-Reliance
    • Food Storage
    • Gardening
    • Home and Family
    • Power
  • Gear
    • Reviews
    • Top 10

Since everyone can benefit from being prepared, Bob Prepper does not post any articles, guest blogs or commentary that promotes any one political, religious, or socially leaning. We at BOB Prepper want all to feel welcome here.

Next Steps

If you would like to be a guest contributor, please submit the following information to

  • Subject of Email: Guest Blogger.
  • The subject matter of the article you would like to share and whether this would be a single contribution or a series of articles.
  • Whether the article will be original (not published elsewhere) or republished from another blog.
  • What website/social media accounts you would want to link to from within your articles and author profile.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to working with you!

Photo by Matthew Payne on Unsplash

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