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Having the right people with us during a SHTF scenario can often be a life or death situation. It is critical that when selecting members of your group that you choose the right ones.

I recently examined some of the Walking Dead reruns found on the television and I observed that in a world where there were so many diverse survival groups, that not all of them were friendly or willing to lend a hand to others. Numerous groups were viewed as detrimental to the health and safety of the Walking Dead heroes. Thinking back to our present situations, I deemed that similar conditions would apply to us even without the relentless threat of zombies. What this imparts to me is that some of our present survivalist groups could actually trigger more harm than good in an emergency situation. In these cases it would behoove the prepper or survivalist to be proficient at recognizing these splinter groups for the damage they could ultimately do.

I would be the first to concur that one can not defend and safe guard their own little acre of turf from those who might desire to take it from them. There is in fact safety in numbers however from a protective point of view these numbers must be suitably vetted out. It does no good to have a sizeable number of group members if all they will end of doing is harming the group as a whole. In this article, I will endeavor to identify several of these types of people for which you should be on your guard against.

First, you should weed out any individuals who make rash decisions without giving the issues much thought. You cannot afford to have anyone in authority making the wrong assessments and placing everyone within the group at risk. Remember, it only takes one instance of noncompliance to place the entire group at jeopardy.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to prepping and survival. In the countless survival scenarios you want to be able to rely upon the skills and the talents of those around you. It would and could be detrimental to all concerned to find that you are relying upon a fairly new individual for advice. New people to the field tend to crash under the bonds of pressure and as a survival group you cannot have that happen. Think for a moment or two and search your memory. Have you encountered people of such caliber? When these people fall they will take you and your group with them. Granted, you must have some new people present to train for future replacements but beware of placing them in creditable positions until such time as they have proved themselves.

The next type of survivalist which we will discuss is the ‘boss” type. These are the survivalists who feel that they are in charge. These types can often fashion additional concerns for those who are legitimately in charge of the operation. These individuals will habitually employ fear tactics and a range of intimidation methods to force his will upon the masses. When selecting skilled leaders there is a thin line which differentiates the leader from the bully. You should utterly ignore and avoid these types of people. These preppers believe that they know everything there is about being prepared. They frequently make their own decisions and totally refuse to listen to anyone. Mistakes made by this type of person could prove costly for everyone within your group.

Next are the armchair preppers who sit at a table in their home and decided what methods are best to use when the SHTF. They have an abundance of plans for emergencies however few have ever been tested and tried. They may say they are experienced in various survival and prepper skills but in the end they have mastered none. They claim to have their own sustainable systems in place in the event of an emergency however those systems may appear on paper only. They might have an abundance of knowledge but very little practice experience. One who professes to be a prepper might not even possess any survival skills at all. Ask them to set up a bug out bag and they just might disappoint you. Request that they dehydrate some foods for you and you will receive a puzzling look from them. Amassing a vast quantity of store bought canned food is not the same as dehydrating, canning or freezing your own supplies.

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Following closely behind are the frightened and scared individuals who are actually seeking the safety of an experienced survival team. They do not want to face the realities that they know nothing what so ever about staying alive when the SHTF. These people need a shoulder to grab hold of during emergencies. They have no usable skills other than perhaps to perform manual labor feats. They tend to panic at the drop of a dime. They are usually extremely emotional and can not be trusted to make the proper decisions. They customarily have nothing to actually contribute to the group but still will attempt to join in with the others. These are the people who will sponge off of you and your stockpile of supplies but brings nothing to the table. In short, they are nothing less than parasites.

Additionally, you will encounter the person who has the necessary means at their disposal for which they can afford to purchase the best of emergency supplies but lack needed skills to use them. They may have a wonderful first aid kit but ultimately fail to obtain the knowledge and training to enable them to use it properly. They may have an enviable weapon collection but does not know the least thing about using the various guns and riles. Be weary of these types of people as they can be dangerous. This prepper will purchase an assortment of supplies but unfortunately will never learn how to use them. They are collectors at best. I always buy items in duplicate so that I may keep a fresh item in my bug out supplies while at the same time having one which I am able to practice with. Many times I will purchase multiple units just to give several to friends and family.

The risks of the bug out preppers are greatly increased as we approach a possible SHTF scenario. This sort of survivalist believes that the only course of action left to take is to bug out. He or she has contributed nothing what so ever towards bugging in or accumulating supplies for such actions. All their efforts have been directed towards deciding upon the perfect bug out location and unfortunately that location could be you retreat. These people are usually well supplied with an assortment of weapons and ammo which could present a hazard to the security of your group. I recommend that you avoid these individuals at all costs.

Lastly, we encounter the person who feels that a weapon is the best policy for resolving any sort of difference. When upset the first thing they frequently grab is a gun or rifle of any sort. Granted, we should all be well armed during periods of crisis and unrest but common sense should always prevail.

Thus, on conclusion, we can readily see that having the right people with us during a SHTF scenario can often be a life or death situation. It is critical that when selecting members of your group that you choose the right ones.

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